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the construction and décor industry

What Others Say About Anita Miller…

  • Anita is, “Disciplined…She doesn’t shy away from hard things…She is a good planner and follows-through a project to completion and doesn’t do things half way. She makes the effort to do the extra research needed to make sure it (the project) is fully complete…

    J. Pereira
  • Anita is, “Creative, resilient, resourceful, compassionate, loyal, thoughtful and kind.

    K. McKenzie
  • Anita is, “Naturally, creative…has sound judgement dealing with practical issues/problems. She has strong communication skills—with the strongest being a good listener because anyone can talk, very few people listen!

    C. Kulp
  • Anita is, “Tenacious…never giving up. She has a calm demeanor that sets you at ease giving, you her undivided attention. She takes great pride in her creations.

    D. Holbrook