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Curtain Calls

Curtain Calls

Tired of your old curtains hanging around, doing nothing but collecting dust? Sure, you can dust them off. Or, you can replace them. Here are four quick ideas that might get you excited to change up your room just by replacing those old dust collectors.


Have a favorite chair? Let’s say your chair has different colored designs in the fabric. Maybe it has a hardly noticeable teal blue mixed in that you really like. Consider finding teal blue curtains to match that small fleck of color, and bring that chair to life. Not only does that chair pop, it brings the whole room together simply by your color choice. People are just as likely to ask if you bought a new chair.


Do you have a tiny window that’s dwarfed by the size of the room? Try hanging your curtains on a longer curtain rod so that they slide out of the window space. When the curtains are closed, they make the window look larger, defining the room. When they are open, they may accent the outside view as if it were a wall hanging, making it picture perfect. Maybe you like your small window and short curtain. Play with shelving or chairs matching colors to accent the space. Your curtains will flow into your space like a water fall.


Curtains don’t have to cost a small fortune. Think outside the window pane by searching other alternatives. If it’s a bathroom, look for towels that have a color you like, or maybe a design that will bring the room together. If you can sew, take a stroll through the fabric department and find something that strikes your fancy. There are many fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. You can find sheer, thicker fabric for your light control preference. Sheets or table clothes, in either a solid or floral design, may make for a cozy living room, dining area, or bed room. For a romantic flare, choose a sheet that has a lace border to soften the look. You don’t always have to buy new, many of these items can be found at second hand or antique stores.

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods may not seem like a big deal—after all, they are covered by the fabric, right? However, it can make or break the look. Let’s say that you have a romantic woodsy theme. You might find a couple of long branches, clean them up, smooth them out, and use them for them for the rods. The curvy shape of the branch adds a unique whimsical look. If you like the industrial look, you could make a trip to the hardware store to find steel, plastic, cast iron or copper pipes, whatever your heart’s desire.

Clear that dust from your windows and focus on what works for you. Don’t make window decorating a drudge. Find whatever theme speaks to you. Whatever your tastes, you might just bring down the house with your curtain calls.

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